There are three courses in this program and each builds upon the learning from previous courses.


Level 1 – Trim, Cross Cut and Rip is an introductory or base level program that covers equipment maintenance, cutting felled trees in work settings and emergency, risk and hazard response procedures.


 Level 2 - Basic Tree Felling – Intermediate provides the knowledge and skills required to assess, plan and safely carry out manual tree-felling operations using a chainsaw.


Level 3 - Tree Felling Advanced covers the felling procedures for advanced felling operations and difficult trees.


FWPCOR2205 - Follow WHS policies and procedures

FWPCOT2237 - Maintain chainsaws

FWPCOT2239 - Trim and cut felled trees

FWPCOT2236 - Fall trees manually (basic)

FWPFGM3212 - Fall trees manually (intermediate)

FWPFGM3213 - Fall trees manually (advanced)


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