Tower Height Safety Systems & Procedures incorporating contingencies for Height Safety Emergencies. The program provides participants with the knowledge and skills to establish access systems on towers relevant to the working environment. The course challenges participants to establish effective systems of work in the planning phase and also the need to plan for height safety system failures and the recovery of persons. The participants are required to demonstrate the ability to transfer their knowledge and skills to other contexts. Competent participants would be expected to demonstrate the ability to foresee and plan for emergencies and system failures within in a tower environment. Competent participants are able to work at heights and towers unsupervised. Participants require medium to above average levels of fitness and agility and should be medically fit to perform their duties associated with heights.


Duration: 2-3 days


Ratio: 1: 4

The program is aligned to meet the following units of competency:

  • RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights

  • MSMWHS110 Follow emergency response procedures


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