When responding to oil and fuel spills of up to 400 litres, TSS240W spill kit is the one to choose. Because it is packed in a bright red labelled wheelie bin it is easy to locate and take to the site of the spill. The highly absorbent oil pads are easy to deploy and retrieve. No brooms or shovels required for oil spill clean up.


Product Code: TSS240W


Dimensions 480 × 544 × 1060 mm
Absorbing Capacity

400 ltr


other fuels and hydrocarbons


suitable for spills of up to 400 litres of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons
constructed from moulded polyethylene
high-visibility with clear labeling
wheels for easy manoeuvring
weather resistant bin cap
colour coded
tamper evident seals available at no extra cost
refill kit also available


50 oil or fuel absorbent pads 480 x 430 mm
3 oil or fuel absorbent boom 3 m x 75 mm
4 oil or fuel absorbent boom 1.2 m x 75 mm
10 contaminated waste bags and ties
2 pair oil resistant gloves
4 adhesive wall locator
1 laminated instruction sheet
1 weather resistant bin cap
1 labelled red wheelie bin 240 ltr

400 Litre Oil & Fuel Spill Kit


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