15m lifeline assembly system with integral manual rope grab, karabiner, sewn thimbled eye and sewn end stop.

Product Highlights

  • 15m rope grab fall protection system (for horizontal/angle work)

  • Integral manual rope grab

  • Hard-wearing and lightweight 11mm kernmantle rope lifeline

  • Built-in self closing double action anchorage karabiner

  • Durable, high strength finishing on lifeline ends

  • Available in a variety of system lengths from 15m to 30m


We have you covered with a complete range of PROTECTA lifeline assembly systems with integral rope grabs that are ideal for horizontal/angle work. The rope grab utilised in the system is designed to be a static rope grab that is connected to your harness via a lanyard. By squeezing the rope adjuster forward, the worker can slide the device along the lifeline until he or she has reached their work position (working slack should never be greater than 2 metres as per the Australian standard). Release the rope adjuster and it locks onto the lifeline providing fall protection to the worker attached.

PRO 15m Lifeline Assembly System with integral Rope Grab


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