Man Killed by suspected Brown Snake Bite

January 12, 2018


Some very sad news coming out of Tamworth this morning. Our thoughts are with the family during this tough time.


Before the country jumps to fear based conclusions about snakes, death from snake bite in Australia is very uncommon. Despite rare incidents such as these and the public perception that exists.


Most people who are bitten by snakes are trying to remove them or kill them. If in any doubt, leave the snake alone, let it relocate or call a licensed snake handler to remove it for you.


Do you know what to do in the event of an Australian snake bite? 
Whilst extremely toxic, the first aid measures for snake bites in Australia are equally effective. 

Once out of danger from the snake (remember they are defensive creatures and won't typically strike unless provoked or cornered) stop moving and remain as still and calm as possible, apply an effective pressure bandage to the entire limb, immobilise the person and call 000 for emergency transport to a facility for administration of antivenom. 

Knowledge is the best tool to have when dealing with high risk situations like this.

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